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Real Physics Live is a set of short, entertaining videos presenting exciting physics experiments performed by Texas A&M students.

Video Productions Real Physics Live merges physics with fun!

Liquid Nitrogen Explosion

Watch as we submerge a sealed soda bottle, filled with Liquid Nitrogen, into a barrel of water. As the warm water boils liquid nitrogen into a gas, pressure builds up, and up, and up! Until…

Square Wheeled Tricycle

Flat road – circular wheel. Bumpy road – square wheel? See who wins the race!


We all use mirrors everyday, but physicists are the best at making everyday objects fun and interesting! Look at what happens to our demonstrators as we play with our knowledge of reflection.

Flammable Methane Bubbles

NEVER try this at home! Have you ever tried to ignite something in your hands without getting hurt? See how to do it with bubbles! Using methane instead of air we create bubbles that float in the air and can be safely ignited when held in your hand.

Freezing With Liquid Nitrogen

Using liquid nitrogen, which is over 400 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the temperature of your skin, we cause a normal bouncy racquetball to shatter like glass. We will also see what happens when we freeze living cells, and it may make you reconsider letting someone freeze you!

Tesla Coil

Our Texas sized Tesla coil creates large bolts of lightning through exploitation of the Laws of Electricity and Magnetism. This phenomenon uses the principles that brings electricity to your home. WARNING: The results may be shocking!

Lenz's Law

This episode shows several different demonstrations of a physical principle called “Lenz’s Law”. Watch the eddy current pendulum that has quite a trick up its sleeve and an exciting race between two cylinders.

Bike Generator

Have you thought of powering your home, or at least some light bulbs using nothing more than the rotation of a wheel? Here we present a neat bike mod, turning a normal bike wheel into an electromagnetic (induction) machine!

Bernoulli's Principle

What brings together flying toilet paper, floating ping pong balls, giant hair dryers, and a broom? Bernoulli’s Principle!

Wave Pendulum

Be mesmerized as the wave pendulum brings together Physics and Art!

Marshmallows and Shaving Cream

When in space, you should never step out of your ship without a pressurized suit. Why? We’ll show you!

Solid Nitrogen

Have you ever seen solid air? Impossible, you say? We can do it! Watch as we cool to super cold temperatures with the help of our vacuum pump!

Fresnel Lens

Harness the power of the sun to burn through any obstacles or cook your eggs!

Magic Bubbles

Like to blow bubbles? Tired of seeing them fall to the ground and pop? Wingardium Physics-osa, come see how to make bubbles float in the real world!

Balloon Animals

Notice: No animals were harmed in the making of this video…

Cloud in a Bottle

Learn how pressure leads to cloud formation by making your very own cloud in a bottle!

Foucault Pendulum

Can you see the Earth rotate? With a Foucault pendulum, you can! Watch as we explain how with the aid of the famous fighting Aggie Foucault Pendulum!

Magnetic Oxygen

Is oxygen magnetic? Come join us in this video to find out!

What makes you spin fast?

Have you ever wondered what allows a figure skater to spin at such high speeds? Is it magic??… No! It’s physics!

Home Run Acoustics

Few things sound as sweet as the crack of a baseball bat making contact with a baseball. Next time you’re out at a baseball game, enjoy the sweet sounds of vibrational physics.

Amazing Superconductors

What makes superconductors so “super”? Well, what if gravity wasn’t just dragging you down all day, every day?

Bike Wheel Gyroscope

What does a spinning bicycle wheel, a gyroscope, and planet Earth have in common?

Infrared Vision

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark or be able to tell when pizza is too hot to eat? Thanks to physics, we can enter a world seen by only a few of nature’s creatures using infrared light.

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